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Benji's visits to Knaresborough

Benji’s Visits to Knaresborough

Benji as been staying at Newton House for several years and says:

“I always enjoy staying at Newton House where I am always made very welcome and am always given the same room. I always get treats and on my most recent visit I walked for miles and was quite exhausted – we walked all the way to Ripley along the River stopping at the Gardners Arms for refreshment. We went to the Castle Tea Rooms and caught the 36 bus to Harrogate then, more walking and pets at the Pitcher and Piano which has lots of water bowls for thirsty dogs like me. We then caught the train form Harrogate back to Knaresborough and on the way back to Newton House stopped in carriages garden where I was welcome.

We walked for miles and I was exhausted and found outside the barbers next to NH, as well as water there were also dog biscuits. It was a very hot day and lots of water was provided for dogs but I was disappointed that biscuits were not available everywhere.

In Knaresborough I was able to cool off in the river along Waterside where there were other dogs to play with. We went there twice and the second time went in near the viaduct. I slept very well in the comfortable Newton House bedroom as I was very tired and the homemade treats were very enjoyable.”

Benji’s owners are Julie and Jim Hoyle from Wigan

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